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A company’s exploration data is its biggest asset however the cost of running industry leading data management software is beyond the reach of many exploration companies.
Geodex Consultants offer affordable, simple and efficient data management services to the exploration and mining industries.
Geodex are able to set up, host and manage a company’s exploration database providing timely, fully customised exports of project data.
We understand the importance of our client's data and aim to add value to their existing operations by improving the speed of data flow and the quality of data management ensuring that our clients are working with the most up to date and valid version of their data, establishing a 'single source of truth'.
We are an acQuire accredited Nova Network Partner

Geodex Consultants have over 10 years of experience working with data in the mineral exploration industry.
We specialise in the setup and management of Hosted Databases, the integration and validation of historic project datasets and routine QAQC monitoring of an exploration programme.
However we also offer client's the ability to do more than just host their data.
Utilising industry leading software packages such as Micromine, Leapfrog and Mapinfo we are able to offer a full range of GIS/3D services such as plotting, analysing or modelling client's data as required.
Our services are flexible and affordable. Please get in touch if you think we can assist you with your exploration and mining data today.

acQuire Nova Network

Geodex Consultants are an acQuire accredited Nova Network Partner.
Through the Nova Network, Geodex are able to offer clients access to acQuire's GIM Suite software by means of a monthly subscription, with variable fees depending on usage - including reduced cost 'read only' and 'archive' periods.
The acQuire GIM Suite is a market leading geoscientific database management and reporting system which is continually expanding to meet evolving industry requirements.
acQuire's GIM Suite is pioneering the way in which geoscientific data is reported and made available to non-technical stakeholders, particularly through acQuire's Arena technology - a browser based reporting system for immediate visualisation and querying of data within your database.

As a Nova Partner, Geodex configure your GIM Suite software to your specific requirements. The GIM Suite is then accessible in an online hosted environment through use of virtual machine and remote application software, maintained by acQuire.
The GIM Suite is then available to authorised users, 24/7, worldwide where internet connectivity is available. Options do exist for users to work offline, but these will be configured specific to client requirements.
The acQuire GIM Suite is one of the most customisable and powerful geoscientific database management systems available and has previously often been out of the reach of junior mining and exploration companies due to the costs involved in purchasing and implementing the system. The Nova Network monthly subscription model for the online hosted GIM Suite brings this powerful application well within the realms of junior companies with tighter budgets and will undoubtedly improve the efficiency of their operations and enable them to do more with their data.

Key Features of the Online GIM Suite


Affordable GIM suite Implementation


Market-leading Data Entry Validation


24/7 access to your data


No specialist hardware or software requirements


Instantaneous data flow between software packages


Secure data storage and controlled user permisions


Neo/Athena Browser reporting via user friendly dashboards


Geodex build, support and maintain the database configuration

Geodex Database Hosting

Geodex Consultants offer database hosting of exploration and mining data sets within our own database.
Geodex assess the client's existing data sets and future work programs to build a high quality database that will store all relevant data.
Data logging and data entry procedures are customised to the Client’s current practice and needs to ensure that the client's personnel can work efficiently to produce valid data
All data is submitted to Geodex's UK office for validation and import to the database.
Laboratory data is sent direct from Laboratory to Geodex for import into the database. QAQC data is monitored in real time using the Clients’ QAQC protocols.
Geodex provide the client with the final validated 'export' of their data whenever the database is updated via its Cloud server.
This export is customisable to meet the client's needs that will depend on how they plan to work with the data.

Key Features of Database Hosting


Affordable Database setup and configuration


Validation and reformat of existing datasets


Quick and efficient for time critical applications


Customised data export for client end use

Other Services

Data Analysis

Graphical and quantitative analysis of data

QAQC Reporting

Analysis and reporting of QAQC Data


Repair, configure and maintain existing solutions


Displaying and plotting data in GIS packages

Digitisation and Modelling

Digitisation of existing data sets and 3D modelling


Worldwide availability of services


We have worked with the following companies:

Orca Gold
Geodex have successfully hosted Orca Gold's exploration database since 2012. Geodex manage data collection, validation and reporting for all phases of the exploration work on Orca Gold's Block 14 Project in Sudan. Geodex also supply Orca Gold with technical services utilising Micromine software.
Trevali Mining Corporation
Geodex hosted Trevali Mining's exploration database; managed data collection, validation, laboratory result importing and reporting.
Atacama Minerals Chile
Geodex rebuilt Atacama Minerals' grade control and resource drilling dataset from first principals, working with sample tags and historic laboratory log books to ensure the creation of a valid dataset for hosting within Geodex's database. This database has been hosted since 2012 to accomodate annual resource infill programs. Geodex also provide Atacama Minerals with resource modelling assistance, resource infill drill planning and supervision as well as on mine reconciliation analysis.
Velocity Minerals
Geodex worked with Velocity Minerals to digitise their exploration dataset for use in GIS software along side rebuild their drilling datasets for storage into Geodex's hosted database system. Geodex continue to host Velocity's drill database and manage their data capture, storage and reporting from ongoing drill programs.
RB Energy
Geodex assisted RB Energy in validating and rebuilding the Quebec Lithium Mine's resource drilling dataset. In conjunction with this work Geodex also completed re-modelling of the Quebec Lithium resource wireframes.

Gorubso Kardzhali
Geodex was consulted to provide technical recommendations for the digitisation of Gorubso's mining and exploration datasets and the implementation of a GIS package to improve the efficiency of their exploration activties. Following this implementation Geodex performed a preliminary resource modelling exercise on one of Gorubso's Bulgarian assets to demonstrate the value of their new Micromine implementation.

Centenera Mining Corp
Geodex host Centenera's drill data and manage their data capture, storage and reporting from ongoing drill programs.

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